I’ve always had a passion for interior design. My career led me to take my first baby steps into this magical universe. For the last 15 years, I have worked in the spa industry where I regularly consulted on the development of spa concepts, layout and interior decoration. This has also allowed me to meet many fascinating architects and decorators, who have inspired me.

Having always worked abroad (USA, Thailand, Japan, Belgium), my husband and I wanted to find a foothold for our family during our returns to France and start to gradually build our own history together. Our dream was to have a house with character and enough room to invite our family and friends but not too isolated. We were immediately captivated by the Medoc region, with its wonderful vineyards, the beaches close by, the little Medocan ports on the Gironde estuary, its food, the warm welcome, etc.

After a two year long search, we fell in love with a 19th century relais (coach house) whose large volumes, charming history and general condition was exactly what we were looking for. Our project was born and the renovations got underway! Our style could be called “vintage chic” and I hope you enjoy it.

When we’re not there, our house is available to rent, details at http://www.homelidays.co.uk/begadan/house-villa-609871en1.htm


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